Travelling to School

Safer Journeys to School

The SJTS initiative aims to improve safety, raise awareness of travel issues and improve the environment around Peterborough schools.

SJTS Targets

  • To improve the journey to and from school.
  • To reduce the risks encountered on the school journey.
  • To increase children’s road safety awareness.
  • To reduce the number of pedestrian and cyclist casualties.
  • To reduce car use and promote alternatives such as cycling, walking and bus use.
  • To promote educational links and opportunities for young people to determine changes to their own environment and travel habits.

School Transport

We arrange school transport for children and young people in Peterborough who are eligible for transport under the children’s services transport policy or the Peterborough post 16 transport partnership policy. This may be provided by issuing bus passes for public transport or using one of our approved transport providers. If you think your child may be eligible for assistance with transport please go to the Peterborough City Council’s Home to School transport page to access the information you need.

The Walking Bus is a form of school transport. The Bus consists of a group of children, walking with at least two adult volunteers e.g. parents, midday supervisors or teaching assistants.

One volunteer acts as the ‘driver’, who leads the way, the other acts as the ‘conductor’ at the back of the bus. The Walking Bus follows a set route, stopping at agreed pick-up points of ‘bus stops’ on the route.