Free Cycle Cinema

Join Travelchoice on Sunday 8th September at 8.00pm at Itter Park (Peterborough PE4 6BE) for a free cycle cinema where we will be showing The original Jurassic Park!.

The cinema is 100% human powered and completely off-grid. All the electricity for the movie is produced by the cyclists. There are no batteries, generators or back-up power sources. The event is Clean, efficient and sustainable.

The aim of the event is to add a fun and engaging element to cycling and to promote sustainable transport and reduce single occupancy car journeys. The population of Peterborough is constantly increasing and is therefore putting strain on many services within the city, including the road network, not to mention the growing pollution problem which should be a cause for concern for every sing one of us.

Having generated their own energy, we hope that people will be encouraged to think about energy consumption and, hopefully, even make a small step towards reducing their own every day energy consumption.

Please spread the word about this fantastic free event suitable for the whole family! We look forward to seeing you there.